Seedhopper announces Sublimd as the winner of the summer prize for the best early start-up in the field of health science and technology. The Sublimd team of three medical doctors and one software engineer have developed an innovative solution to reduce the time for medical history taking allowing physicians to spend less time on documentation and more time on being a doctor.

Seedhopper announces Sublimd as the winner of the 2017 summer prize of CHF 20,000 and the opportunity for fast track into Seedhopper’s program worth CHF 200,000.

Setting out to reduce the burden of patient history taking and time-consuming documentation, the Sublimd team has developed an impressive digital solution. Their easy-to-use software guides a patient through a medical history, asking clear questions on the current complaint, medical history, family history, social situation, medication, allergies and on any other information relevant to the case. Whilst the patient is answering the questions in the waiting room, a structured text report is automatically generated to be ready for the consultation with the doctor and for medical documentation. The solution also provides red flags for dangerous symptom constellations and an integrated system to assist in reaching the right diagnosis.

The Sublimd solution has already gained excellent feedback from patients during testing in two large hospital emergency units in Switzerland, and has shown significant efficiency gains, with doctors reporting an average time saving of 14 minutes per patient and report. The software is already in routine use in emergency units, primary care and pre-clinical medicine in the German speaking part of Switzerland.

The software not only saves time for doctors, reduces paperwork, but also ensures no relevant questions are forgotten and that patients are better prepared for their consultation. The collection of structured digital patient history data allows for easy analysis of hospital statistics and for clinical research.

Currently the software can autonomously take a full medical history in German and English. In addition, a compact version is available in French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Albanian, Serbian, Croatian, Russian, Arabic, Tamil, Urdu, Chinese and Japanese.  (